Accurate and Reliable Real-Time Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Instant real-time warnings for:

  • High pressure
  • Low pressure
  • Slow / fast leakage
  • High temperature (over 175ºF)

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TPMS Warning Symbol

Reduce Downtime, Improve Productivity and Driver Safety Within Your Fleet

Managing a fleet can be challenging task that requires a proactive mindset. That’s why we’ve designed our solution to monitor both tire pressure and tire temperature in real-time. Not only so you can avoid potentially dangerous accidents caused by a blow out, but also stay ahead of regular tire maintenance by detecting leaks. The Valor system also allows you to hook-up any truck with any trailer as the system automatically pairs and reads all wheel positions and updates the system in real-time. Now you can drop and hook more efficiently to save you time and money, all while managing your fleet.

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Why Use Valor Tire Pressure Management Systems (TPMS)

Change is constant. It involves and shapes our world in ways we never imagined, it brings challenges but also opportunities to those who can adapt to the future. What is coming? The Internet of Things (IoT) - a connected world where physical objects communicate with the real world, where the invisible becomes visible and data from intelligent objects drive smart business decisions. What does this mean for you? For the first time your physical assets will communicate with you. They will tell you where they are, their condition and how to optimize their use. They will save you time, improve efficiency and most importantly, your bottom line. Why Valor? We power this revolution. Data is only as reliable as the sensors that capture it. Our solutions work anywhere, anytime. We give you precise data that allows you to make smart decisions based on facts, not opinions. We power the Internet of Things.

Dependable Real-Time Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Instant real-time alerts for problematic changes in temperature, so you never have to worry about a spoiling a perishable shipment again.

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Wirelessly Monitor Up To Four Refrigerated Zones At A Time

The Valor TempTrac Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically engineered to help you meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. Whether it be fresh produce, frozen goods, or high-value assets such as pharmaceuticals, TempTrac ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely. Our patented solution monitors up to four zones simultaneously, and can be operated either as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated into our fleet management solutions.

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