When transporting passengers, whether in the city or over the open road, people rely on bus drivers to get them to their destination safely and on time. A tire blowout can be a dangerous situation which puts drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk – not to mention adds a delay to your arrival. Additionally, a tire leak can also cause delays and endanger passengers as well.

With the Valor system you can ensure that you have a good set of eyes monitoring your fleet to ensure no issues arise which may endanger passengers travelling with you. It gives you the power and control to safely stop the vehicle for any repairs, and/or ensure that any issues are taken care of before passengers even board the bus. Managing your tire pressure and temperature throughout your fleet adds life to your tires, reduces roadside calls and maximizes fuel efficiency.

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How It Works

The Valor TPMS Sytem uses three simple components to create one complete solution. Once installed, tire management is as simple as it is effective. The diagram below indicates a typical setup on bus vehicles such as school buses, public transit buses, and coach buses.

TPMS Sensor

The Internally-mounted sensor monitors both your tire’s temperature and pressure from the inside-out.

CANBus Receiver
Antenna and Transceiver

The antenna receives data wirelessly from the sensors and then transmits into the transceiver.

TPMS Display

Valor’s display visualizes tire pressure and temperature data in real-time.
* Display Varies depending on solution.

I Am Interested In A TPMS Solution

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About Our Internally–Mounted Sensors

Our internally-mounted sensors are set to monitor your tires in real-time 24/7, all while continuously checking both your air pressure and temperature. By mounting each sensor internally it ensures that they are safe, secure and reliable helping to prevent damage and theft while your vehicle is on the road. Each sensor has a long-lasting battery life of 5-7 years which ensures that the need for replacement is minimal.

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Tire cutaway with TPMS warning symbol