Our Company

Valor is a research and design institute dedicated to providing reliable solutions powered by robust, reliable and precise sensors. We are the only company in our field that can develop and manufacture the complete solution from sensor chip level to the analyzing software interface. This allows us the creative freedom to develop the perfect hardware for the perfect solution. Our solutions cover a wide range of applications from passenger vehicle, RV, bus, commercial truck or OTR mining.

About Research and Development

One of the unique aspects of Valor is that we have total creative control of our product. We manufacture our own hardware and develop our own solutions. Having the ability to create our own sensors means that we can develop the solution first and then create the hardware needed to power that solution.

About Manufacturing

There’s a lot of advantages to providing our own manufacturing. Most notable is our ability to keep costs down and provide a quality product at a competitive price. We are able to quickly and efficiently implement changes to our hardware so we can always continue to improve and innovate. 

About the Valor Team

At Valor we have a team as reliable and robust as the hardware and solutions we offer. Valor is an international team with members across the globe. Our teams responsible for Manufacturing and Development are located in beautiful city of Shanghai, China. The Research and Development, Operations, Sales and Product Support teams are located in the city of Burlington, Canada. Our sales team is spread throughout Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Our team members in Shanghai are responsible for developing and manufacturing the advanced sensors and hardware. Comprised of some of the most talented and advanced engineers, our Development and Manufacturing teams work to create sensors and hardware tailor made for the solution.

Our Canadian team members are responsible for many different areas of the business. Research and Design is based out of our Burlington office, but often ends up 5,000 feet underground. Our R&D team is passionate about the quality of our product and they are willing to work in harsh conditions to ensure our sensors are the most reliable and robust ones on the market.

What makes the Valor team so incredible is that we believe in fostering a positive work culture that puts emphasis on individual appreciation, group collaboration and creative problem solving. This work culture fuels our team members and drives our success.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to combine our robust, reliable and precise sensor data with business intelligence analytics to design solutions that drive efficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improving transportation efficiencies that reduces the environmental impact by increasing route efficiencies and by keeping tires out of the dump and on a wheel rim.

Interested In Working With Us?

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