Your Complete Tire Management Solution For Commercial Vehicles

Valor Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System has been developed specifically for industrial and commercial use, and to meet the challenges of fleet management to increase safety, reduce tire maintenance costs as well as fuel cost by monitoring vehicles tires. The sensor installed inside tire measures air pressure and temperature every 4 seconds. These values are sent wirelessly to the cab display directly or via transceiver. The display identifies each sensor, evaluates the data, then shows the position, air pressure & temperature and gives the warnings when it detects any problem. The tire information can be downloaded or sent to the fleet headquarters in real-time allowing instantaneous fleet management.

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Tire cutaway with TPMS warning symbol


  • Checks both air pressure and temperature
  • Monitor 24/7 in real time
  • Long lasting battery life (5 - 7 years)
  • Immediate warning for high/low pressure, air leakage and high temperature
  • Internally installed sensors, safe, secure and reliable
  • Easy fleet management. Monitor all fleet tires in real time

How It Works

The Valor TPMS system uses four simple components to create one complete solution. Once installed, tire management is as simple as it is effective. The diagram below indicates a typical setup on larger vehicles such as transport trucks.

TPMS Sensor

The Internally-mounted sensor monitors both your tire’s temperature and pressure from the inside-out.

CANBus Receiver
Antenna and Transceiver

The antenna receives data wirelessly from the sensors and then transmits into the transceiver.

TPMS Display

Valor’s display visualizes tire pressure and temperature data in real-time.
* Display Varies depending on solution.

Drop and Hook Technology

With Valor’s Drop and Hook Technology there is no need to reconfigure your TPMS system each time a truck and trailer are paired.

The trailor’s TPMS system and display automatically recognizes the tire sensors associated with the new trailer and begins wirelessly sending data instantly.

This means you can mix and match any of your tractors and trailers at will to keep your fleet productive and on the go.

The TPMS Display

The TPMS displays comes with standalone solutions. The display relays your tire pressure and tire temperature data in real-time. It displays information relative to axels and can indicate warnings such as slow leaks and major warnings.

Interact with the TPMS interace to learn more by clicking or hovering on the unit’s icons or buttons.

Sensor ID Chips

With our patented ID Chip Technology, there is no need to go through the complexity of registering every tire position. ID chips automatically synce up with the corresponding sensors to relay tire pressure and temperature for each individual tire.

Signal Strength

Valor has gone to extreme lengths in order to ensure the very best in sensor signal strength. Even in the toughest condition, you can always rely on it to give you the real-time pressure and temperature.

Fleet Management Software Integration

Looking for a more complete tire management solution? Use Geotab or Peoplenet fleet management software to consolidate your entire fleet’s tire pressure and temperature data on one convenient platform.

We know Managing a fleet can be a challenging task that requires a proactive mindset. That’s why we’ve designed our solution to integrate with Geotab’s web-based fleet management software. With data transmitted wirelessly through your Geotab GO devices, you can now monitor your tires health in real-time from the convenience of your MyGeotab fleet management interface. With in-cab displays for drivers, you can worry less about your tires and stay focused on managing fleet performance.

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TPMS Solutions for Extreme Duty, Mining and Construction Fleets

Do you have a heavy-duty Extreme Duty, mining or construction fleet? You may require a more rugged Valor solution. Check out more information on our heavy-duty sensors using the link below.

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